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Hadassah headshot_edited.png

Hadassah Backman
Co-Founder and CEO 

A registered nurse with extensive experience in patient home care and services. 


Previously founded and successfully managed a long-term care consulting company specializing in clinical management, quality control and documenting compliance. 


Hadassah knows first-hand the challenges faced by insurance companies, facility owners, nurses and patients in meeting regulatory requirements and providing the best possible care.


The focus of the Guardoc  lies in the bringing together of these two elements.

Ori headshot_edited.png

Ori Finkleman
Co-Founder and CTO

25 years experience of building software and leading R&D teams from inception to large scale deployment. 

In recent years, Ori has been busy building healthcare solutions and is passionate about improving patient care and creating value for healthcare providers.


Ori holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and M.Sc in Electrical Engineering

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